Thursday, April 7, 2011


Did I tell you I went to see Prince. Not the Fresh Prince
Not Prince Charming
No, not Prince William either
Yes this Prince, the artist formally know as......that crazy symbol.......PRINCE.


It was a nice date night...just me and the hubs and PRINCE.

The concert was .... well....I have mixed emotions.

It was awesome to be watching, but yea...the concert could have been better.

He did not play 1999 or Let's Go Crazy or Little Red Corvette, how do you NOT play those?

Oh sure there was lots he did play, what I could have done without was his 45 minute or so sitting down at the piano singing ballads and his 45 minutes or so of old skool stuff that I had never heard....cause well I'm not that old.

My top moment of the entire night was when he sang Purple Rain, the whole place was dark with the excepion of the light shining on PRINCE, there was smoke and purple tissue paper confetti falling all around.

I looked at Mr. JaneSays and said " Do you realize we are watching PRINCE sing Purple Rain?"


I heard thru the grapevine that PRINCE was tired for our concert as a result of travel screw-ups....and that may have been why our concert was low key.

So PRINCE if you feel really bad about the fact that you didn't totally rock out for us you can come back and do a do-over cause man...I paid BIG bucks for those tickets and I at least wanted to Party like it's 1999.

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1 comment:

LibraryGirl62 said...

So Jealous! I love Prince and I am sad that he disappointed, but that Purple Rain moment would have totally been worth it :)