Thursday, June 24, 2010

animals of the stuffed kind

I feel sure I have expressed my disdain for stuffed animals before
well its not disdain, for the animals themselves
I mean who does not "like" a soft cuddly stuffed animal
its more .... they irritate me because it really is as if they multiply
they develop little personalities and I can't give them away
they each have a reason to stay in the playroom
from a vacation
from a grandparent
from a special event
was a special gift
Tuesday Chloe and I went to the Summer Movie Camp
and afterwards we walked thru the mall
store after store Chloe saw an animal of the stuffed kind
that she claims she must have for her birthday
well I like to get her things she asks least a few...even if I don't think she needs them
yes......just because she wants them
It's not that I mind getting a few more animals of the stuffed kind
if and only if
we must lessen our collection

Me: Chloe.....if you want to get some new stuffed animals for your birthday you need to go to the playroom and make mommy a pile she can donate....ok?
Chloe: ok...I will do that mommy
(Chloe runs to playroom) Chloe: Mooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm.....come here....and see my pile
Me: Pile ??? think you can part with one tiny Curious George ( mind you she has 7 more ... all wearing different outfits) and one little chihuahua (not even hers anyway) and one horse ( which we printed off the computer and made from a not really a stuffed animal at all)

Chloe: Yea...that's all mom.....cause the rest are special

How can I say no to that......move over Goofy....Boo....Curious George...Chip and Dale...snake....bear.....Simon....frog.......there are some new animals of the stuffed kind....heading your way......soon.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I TOTALLY relate! I'm a sucker for a pile of stuffed animals!