Friday, July 2, 2010


my name is April
and I do not have time to blog
I really don't have time
Let me whine to you one minute ....ok?
I know each of you have full days
plenty to do
and still manage to have wonderful blogs
but I can not maintain
something has to go
I am a mother
a wife
a daughter
a grand-daughter
a sister
a cousin
with a job outside of the home
with a 30 minute commute each way
I have meals to cook
a house to clean
a kid to play
a garden to tend to
2 shops
loads of shipping each and everyday
piles and piles of yummy .... scrumptious crafty goodies beckoning me to make them into something wonderful
I exercise
I read my Bible
I visit my family
I talk to my friends on the phone
I like to go to movies with Garren and Chloe and go out to eat
with all of this goin on my blog serves only as a source of guilt for me
pressure to post
to be creative
to share more than I really want to...just to make you interested...make you wanna read
and frankly I'm exhausted with it...perhaps I try too hard....maybe not hard enough
maybe I am just not comfortable with the whole blogging thing....showing my family...I don't know....I just know I do not enjoy it like I's a chore and no one likes chores...right?
with all of that said...this blog will remain right here
come read the old junk when ever you like
and perhaps the blog bug will bite me again in the future
with a new ideas......who knows
but if it does not I don't think I will miss it
I appreciate all of you reading...and commenting....and supporting
til we meet again........
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Anonymous said...

April, You take care of yourself! It must be hard to run two successful etsy shops!

You will be in my thoughts and I will stop by to check on you when you check in!

You take care! ::hugs::

Amy Bell said...

oh april! you have to check in....i love all the pictures of chloe growing up....i know this has been a year for you all...

enjoy the break! i have so enjoyed getting to know you...

Kandi said...

Well, I will keep you on my blog roll and maybe, just maybe one of these days you'll jump right back up to the top if you get the bug.

I know I don't know you, but I do enjoy reading about you, your lovely child and your craftiness. I don't blog as much as I used to and I do feel guilty at times too, but oh well, you have to do what's best for you. I wish you well! Take care.

joyfullness said...

pssst! It's okay!!

most of us are standin' behind you with that crazy crafty cape blowin' in our rock!
not because you care what we think..but because you care about the hearts in YOUR world... I'll still be checkin' in on your shops..
i went on a date with my hubs the other night and took my cool tupperware carrier.. thought of you!
Have a Love-fully-cation!!

Wisam Amid said...

I am not sure how i came across this blog. I couldn't stop and went all the way till April! I love your style. It is so fresh and different. I love your way of expressing. It makes me feel connected. Like you are talking to me.

While bookmarking this blog, I wrote "If I ever write a blog, it would be like this."



satinder rana said...

There is never a need to post something on a blog everyday. You can take your time. Reading your blog is something we all enjoy. We have followed your blog and whenever you will post something, we will be there to read and definitely we are interested in your blog. Keep blogging. :)