Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One Final Jump

3 book bags
6 jars of peanut butter
29 loaves of bread
85 fruit cups
2 pairs of sneakers
3 folders
180 have a good day hugs
180 how was your day hugs
6300 minutes of car rider line
3 field trips
and just like that its over
now its one big jump to the 1st grade
I am so very proud of my Chloe...she is brilliant and beautiful and I am delighted to know her
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Margaret said...

I love the list. Wish I would have kept one now.

It seems like time flys by. My oldest just finished his first year of school.

Kandi said...

Wow, she really got some air, what a great photo! It's so fun and sad at the same time to watch our babies grow up. Enjoy!