Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dog Gone Nuts

Dog owners
Have you ever came home to a
dog gone nuts?
Thursday we came home
to find Daisy
skiddish.....running all about
sniffing the floor....all over
every nook and crannie
as if someone strange had been in the house She is making us all crazy with the silliness
She will not sit down
She will not lie down
she just paces

and sniffs
and sniffs and paces
and then looks....gets plum startled I tell ya
at the most subtle of sounds or movements
she has been a FREAK since Thursday
OH Daisy....we love you....but this just needs to be over....mmmmk??
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Cathy said...

Our wiener dog does that too sometimes. :) Could you have a mouse in your walls?

Amy Bell said...

oh...i just keep thinking about getting a dog....almost broke down the other day!

p.s. love the new bags in the vintage store!!! i had all those liners when i had my own wooden handle purse!!!