Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ramblings of Me on this here Thursday

That is the single most embarrassing thing I have had ( one was holding me down with my eyes facing the tv) to watch....Kasey......dear.......WHAT were you thinking ??? huh????

I ordered THIS last night....I always love a good science experiment type activity and it's good for Chloe to take part in a variety of activities makes for a nice well rounded chap...I will let you know how it goes. One thing for sure....we should have plenty of opportunities Mr. Sun is most definitely making himself known.

I am finally reading this book......very good....makes me go hmmmm....a lot....that IS good.

My mom and I are considering opening up a booth at a new antique mall in's driving me crazy...I step toward the ledge ( more business not such a good idea).....then I talk myself down ( a booth would be a lovely thing to do)......I am so torn. I truly am spread so thin now.....what with my has the time. But, I really want we'll see.

What does a frog say when he takes his books back to the library? can thank Chloe for that lil funny.

My hubs got his JOB back......hopefully this means good things are happening in the economy....maybe? Anyway....we are so thankful and happy....Yippee !!!!!!!!!

Do you read this blog.......if not...DO. Great photos...such a lovely creative mind....especially the writings....I simply LOVE the way she writes !!!

Enjoy !!

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Kelly said...

That's the second mention of Crazy Love that I've heard today! That's it, I guess I have to read it~

sjmcdowell said...

Hi there April!!

I just found out you have a Blog...I know you from Etsy and thought I would come and visit you here for a bit. I sent you a message on Etsy about the pieces of lace I recently bought from you and that they arrived today!! YIPEE!! Oh they are stunning and thanks for being such a doll about the order!!
If you get a chance come visit me at
Art of Mine!!
You will probably see when I post some of my next projects with the laces I rec. from you!! BTW..I keep calling you Jane...ok now I know better...Ciao "APRIL" :D

Hugs and Smiles,