Monday, February 27, 2012

Vintage Eye Candy

After hours and hours and maybe a few more hours or ripping, tearing, sorting, folding
and pulling strings...I have a quite large and quite lovely selection of fat quarters
 in JaneSays Vintage NOW !!

I decided to start offering fat quarters for a couple of reasons.
- I wanted to have something to offer quilters and people who just need a small bit of fabric.
- I am slowly running out of room to store whole sheets, fat quarters take up less space.

This fat quarter creation process also lends to some fabulous scraps which will be bundled and for sale
soon too.

Fat quarters are available in singles for $2.25.

Or in random bundles of 10 for $20.00.

Now you go look at all the lovely fat quarters and I will go dust my home.  Have you ever seen the
fine dust ripping 60+ sheets can leave on every surface of your home...ick.

Yes I will still be offering whole sheets too.

Need some vintage sheet inspiration ??

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