Monday, February 20, 2012

A New Breed of Hoop Art

I am always looking for something easy and cute that I can make to liven up
nooks of my home.
This is a fun twist on hoop art.  
I do love some hoop art.

Gather a hoop or hoops, I could not stop with just one.
Some wood grain contact paper, I got mine at The Dollar Tree.
You will need some fabric, some paint  and a 1.5 inch wide paint brush.
I used white fabric because I wanted my
paint to show up and really be the only color in the project.
After you see what's up you can choose for yourself.

I am skipping a lot of the unnecessary filler here as far as photos of each step goes.
Put your fabric in your hoop.
Cut around the edge leaving about 3/4 inch  so you can glue it on the inside of the hoop, which keeps it
from showing.
Take the paint brush and dip it lightly in the paint.
Now, I wanted my paint to have the appearance of wood grain so I lightly brushed my paint onto the
fabric in a light sweeping motion. (see above)
Yes some paint got on the hoop in areas, that was fine with me you can choose for yourself to avoid that or not.

After the paint dries which does not take long.
Trace your desired image on the backside of your contact paper and cut it out.
Peel off the backing.
Carefully place your image on your fabric, try not to stick and restick, this will not turn out good. Promise.
Turn your hoop over and press your image from the underside.

You can now hot glue the edge of the fabric around to the underside of your hoop all the way around.
Tie a cute ribbon at the top if you like.
Easy Peasy !!

I made a weenie dog in a small hoop, which is our family mascot according to me.

Cute little bugger isn't he ?

I also did an H, I like still love initials even though they have been around for quite a while.
This one I did in a very large hoop.

Have Fun !!

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