Friday, February 3, 2012

A Pinterest Don't

I have tried many many recipes and projects that I found on Pinterest and last week
I had my very first Pinterset failure.

There is a pin floating around out there that claims to be a Salsa just like Chili's.
Don't fall for it, don't waste your hard earned cash on the ingredients, you will be disappointed.

It tastes nothing like Chili's.
It was not even a really good salsa
I followed the recipe to a T.
I had high hopes, I wanted to to work out.
I really did.
Chili's salsa is my favorite and I would love have Chili's "like" salsa at home....anytime....all the time.

I think one issues was the taste of the canned tomatoes, canned tomatoes are fine after cooking but, meh not so good just out of the can.

So .......
If you want Chili's salsa go to Chili's  and that's that.

This pin can not fail, how cute is that rug ??
Little stencil, little paint.
Cute rug.
You can get more info. here.
And you can see my whole Let's Make That board on Pinterest  HERE.
There are lots of fun crafty projects there.
I was thinking maybe flowers would be sweet too.
This is bound to be a Pinterest Do.

Have a good weekend....ok.

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Kate@SongsKateSang said...

LOL ~ I am so glad you told me. I have that and the Chuy's jalapeno ranch dip pinned :)