Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Late....but you still have time. Hurry !!

ok, I'll be quick so you can get right on this.
See that Be-You-Te-Ful "canvas" above ?
Well it was $10 !!!!

Want to know how to get your very own ??

I look at canvases all the time online and I always back out because let's face it, they are
not cheap and then the shipping adds to that and I change my walls way too much to spend that kind of money.
So when I stumbled across a coupon for half off Wal-Mart's FAUX CANVAS, I had
to check it out.

Yep.  They are fake or faux if you're fancy.
They take your photo and wrap it just like a gallery wrap canvas, but it's on cardboard.
They look amazing !!!  I am completely happy in every way and in the end I got 8 canvases for $80 and some change.
Here are some more photos of the details so you can see...they are really well done.

See, nice huh ?
They make great gifts too stock up now for Christmas.
Alright, so go online to the Wal-Mart Photo Center.  This link takes you straight to the page with
the canvases.
Oh and the coupon is for 11 x 14 and 12 x 12 only.
Here is a link to the coupon page, you want the $10 off faux canvas one.  Print as many coupons as you want will need a coupon for each canvas.

Do each canvas as a separate order so you can then pay for each separately and thus use a coupon for each.  My Wal-Mart let me get them all at one time.

When you checkout choose that you will pay at the time of pick-up.

The coupon ends February 29 so you have plenty of time if you get busy. They have them ready for pick-up the same or next day.

I just LOVE my faux canvases.
Now I have to go so I can order more.

Enjoy !!!
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