Sunday, April 25, 2010

The HOUSE for a short time I became the HOUSE
you know....the HOUSE....the house where the KIDS hang at
I have always fantasized about being the HOUSE when Chloe becomes a teenager
always having the snacks and movies at hand
being able to keep my eyes and ears on Chloe and her friends
I have never really wanted to be the HOUSE while she is five...young....rowdy....crazy
It's a LOT of the reason I only have one kid....I am not made for more....serious ... I'm not
while I was in painting clothes
you know...splattered shorts
splothcy tank top
no bra...oh the horror
I became the HOUSE
up the stairs where mind you I have a tray of paint and a ladder
come one....two....three....FOUR KIDS
what the WHAT !!!??!!?!?
3 girls 1 lone boy
They played cars...for 35 seconds
they watched Enchanted for 80 seconds
they tore out the play-doh ALL of it...and played for 2 minutes
one of them went outside to bounce ball with G for 4 minutes
3 of them went back in the playroom and
drug out all the stuffed animals.....taking approx 2 minutes
they snacked on goldfish for 35 seconds
they were loud....and dirty.....and arguing....and freaking me out running around the paint...and oh with the goldfish on Chloe's bed....arghhhh crumbs....
If I promise to be the HOUSE in 10 years....will you all leave me alone.....right now...please....
grow up and come back later
haha......if you are the HOUSE for young children....high go momma
cause it wore me out
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songskatesang said...

Oh, me too! I want to be that house!! (maybe!?)

Kandi said...

Oh my gosh, I can so relate to this! I found that I was THE house last year when my boys were 9 & 6 and like you, I don't do well with lots of young kids running around being crazy in my home. My kids are both boys and one day I found that I had 6 kids in my basement and my children asking if so & so could have a snack. Um, I barely manage to make sure I grocery shop for my family of 4, so no I'm not feeding the neighbor kids too. Hopefully I'll get better at this, but for now, I would be happy to not be THE house.

Summer said...

Don't ever talk about Chloe being a teenager again. it upsets me to think of her growing up.

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I've always wanted to be what I call the "Kool-Aid house." I remember Kool-Aid commercials when I was growing up that showed all the neighborhood kids hanging out at the one house and I envisioned that to be my house one day. Well, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for!! LOL!! With three boys and lots of neighborhood kids we are the Kool-Aid house almost every day. It only gets to me sometimes. Like when they're raiding our snack drawer or letting the dog out the front door. We're expecting a new baby in two and a half weeks so things are going to have to change for a while. God help the first neighborhood kid that wakes her up!!! :) Thanks for your post.

~ Wendy