Saturday, April 24, 2010

great day to wash a horse...or four

It was no surprise to me when I brought home
a little collection of vintage horses a few days ago
that Chloe would beg me to keep
them as her very own
you may recall the vintage deer event
this past Christmas
it's an event I have grown accustomed to I of course can't tell her no
I adore her LOVE for all things vintage
she knows the routine
the horsies are gonna need a bath
and today was the perfect day

to wash a horse or four
first in line
Trixie who loves quiet nights and reading by the fire
she is a Leo looking for greener pastures
do you know of any ?
the lovely Firestar
she is a bleached blond but don't ever bring it up
she can get quite touchy
you wouldn't like her when she's angry
she loves long walks on the beach and eating cashews (hey me too....the cashew part)
Little Oats
a daring young lady with a zest for life
Little Oats chases butterflies and frolics with the sheep all day long
she is fun-loving and has a secret addiction to chocolate covered strawberries
the name says it all
this is the big man on campus
he spends his weekends playing chess and throwing darts
and playing as if he doesn't even notice the ladies
he's a true sportsman and the ladies love him in spite of his arrogance
while the bathing fun ensued
I snacked on my cashews and Pepsi
enjoyed the sun
and once again tried to educate myself on my camera
Automatic is for scaredy cats...right?
I will do it.....eventually
and I do believe that gang of
fresh smelling horses will be great subjects for some practice photography
from the sound of it....a few of them may be needing photos for online dating sites....soon
Alllikaye's Mom.....yes you me with your have won the darling Prayers for Little and Ms. Allikaye will adore it.
It could not be goin' to a sweeter little girlie !!
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Allikaye's Mama said...

Ah!! ME?! Woohoo!! My stomach dropped when I saw that! I must be a tad excited to have won that book!! Allikaye WILL love it!! Yaya! Thanks so much, April!! I'll email you!

Summer said...

Hey Ape...glad to see you back to bloggin' I had missed it! Once you get the photography thing goin' how about joining Cotton Moon ;-)

we are coming to the t-ball game this week!! fun times ahead