Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cows Breath is Bad for the EARTH

Earth Day is upon us
Chloe's class is learning about caring for the Earth this week

For the celebration I whipped up this cutie-pa-tootie Earth Day shirt today
for Chloe to wear tomorrow
for Chloe truly does LOVE the Earth
not so much in a save the planet type of way
more in a love of dirt
love of birds
love of caterpillars and worms
love of swinging on tree branches kind of way
She is learning lots of Save the Planet tid bits at school this week
She brought all and I mean ALL of her lunch trash home today ... she says she is recycling
then immediately wanted to dig thru the trash can when she got home so she could make a doll to take for show and tell tomorrow ..... I promptly told her I didn't think there was a thing in the trash can to make a doll from...ick
I was ordered to turn off all the lights to save the polar bears
and at bedtime tonight I was informed that cow breath is bad for the Earth....I swear I thought it was their poots....silly me.

hug the Earth tomorrow.....then do it everyday after that
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