Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Nothing like the word giveaway to bring the readers
welcome to all of you...regulars....peepers....and those of you who googled giveaway or freebie.
I have a sweet little giveaway for you today
Prayers for Little ChildrenThis is a darling little book...so sweet.
In wonderful vintage condition...there is a name wrote on the inside...but I do indeed think that adds to the charm....its makes me wonder who little Delbert Lewis was....and who gave him this book?
Did he love it...or was it the one that never made it off the bookshelf.

To win this little nugget you simply have to leave a comment telling me your favorite book from your childhood...if you cant remember the title...tell me what you remember about the book or about reading it. That's it....so simple.

I will pick a winner on Saturday...sometime...more than likely after we play outside all day and grill some chicken and shrimp.

want more???
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thanks and best of luck
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Kelly O. said...

that's too precious!
As a girl I loved my set of Winnie the pooh books. We always read pooh bear before bed :)

Laura said...

I loved "The TRUE story of the three little pigs". It's a pretty awesome twist to the original story. :)


Anonymous said...

I LOVED this book - I think it is called ' Hello God?'. It was fully of simple pictures and prayers...

I also loved the Harry the Dog series!

Allikaye's Mama said...

That is so cute! How do you fund all these vintage treasures?! I love the picture on the front...and the colors!!!

Brenda Fisher said...

Hi April! This is such a great way to remember a favorite book from childhood. I loved the story with the little boy (who's name I cannot remember at the moment) who built a flying hockey stick and traveled the globe. I believe that this set me on the course to be a world traveler myself! The author has a cool, unforgettable name too - Jolly Rodger! Cheers,

qltmom9 said...

I loved a little golden book illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. The little girl had her dolly, the title had something to do with Dolly, and the little girl looked SO sweet with fat cheeks cuddling her dolly near. OH, Eloise Wilkin's kindergarten one was sweet too.


Happy Hodge Podge said...

My favorite childhood book was the original Curious George. It started out as a joke because my last name was George, and everyone used to call me Georgie girl, so my oldest sister got the book for me. I ended up loving it! (I also ended up loving my nickname, Georgie; so much so, that I named my daughter Georgie). Guess I had the last laugh!

Heather said...

So so cute! I was a voracious reader as a child, and now that I have 2 under 2 it doesn't happen nearly enough (reading for myself anyway!)

I loved Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs. My Dad used to read that to us ALL the time. We loved it.

Shalon Estrada said...

3 billy goats gruff is my fav. It's the first book I ever read and I still have it.