Saturday, November 29, 2008

"the" tree

The day after Thanksgiving each year
We drive to the tranquil mountains of NC to get our Christmas Tree

love love love roadside stands (shops)

and JUMBO they were

for the boys

last year this was a mountain...
this year they have cut thru it for a road......amazes me
Can't take curvy roads......don't come hereTree Farm
been in the car a while
so run....
and run.....
and run....
Going down the mountain

time to pick out "the" tree
Chloe felt sorry for all the little stray branches....
we brought them ALL home

and an 8.5 foot beauty of a tree
wrap her up boys

need wreaths...or garlands...or hot cider....enter these cute little cottages

maybe next of these young little fellas will be "the" tree
have a happy day
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ctb003 said...

Oh my goodness!! Your latest blog post reminded me of my childhood and all the different things I "felt sorry for" when I was a little girl. The toys left outside in the rain, the pumpkins that didn't get chosen, the Christmas trees that were left on the lots after Christmas was over, etc., etc. Your little girl is a very compassionate person and it sounds like she has a mom that is doing a great job or nurturing that in her!! Merry Christmas from my family to yours ~ Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

breanna said...

i have no clue what jumbo boiled peanuts are! but it sounds like a fantastic tradition to start the best phase of the holiday season!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I live in the midst of the NC apple orchards... in the curvy roads :)

Theresa said...

What amazing fun memories you're making.