Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Random Post......What's Been Goin On ??

It has been a busy week
mainly because Lollishops opens for me this Tuesday...I am part of the beta group...we are gonna go in there an open up shop and help the developer get all the bugs out. Lollishops is scheduled to open offically on the 28th of November.
and NO my etsy shop, JaneSays is not goin' anywhere.....I will now have 2 online locations one on on lollishops....exciting huh?

As will many of the shops you have grown to love on be sure to go see whose there.

This delicious fabric arrived earlier this week....I am re-doing my family room.
We are taking our home off the market for the I am sprucing things up a bit...and I can't wait.
Amy...I think of you each and every time I get my hands on some vintage yumminess.
My hubby's grandmother passed away earlier this year....and Chloe has promised to care for some of her vintage ornaments.
These sweeties will all be on Chloe's tree in her room.

Mmmmm we did indeed have some homemade sloppy joes...on bunz as big as Chloe's face.

Chloe's toy of choice all week.
Fill it with junk and run through the house at speeds usually not allowed in the house...but I have been too busy to stop her.

See what I mean busy busy busy.....this is the scene every day.
A winner...yes I have a winner for the JOY ornament.
Ashley who commented:
Favorite Christmas word:Merry!Everyone needs to be full of cheerfulness during the holiday season! (Oh, and Rejoice is another great one)
Congratulations Ashley and thank you for reading my blog....please contact me with your address thru JaneSays or the get in touch with me button on the right.
have a happy day
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Amy Bell said... are sweet. those vintage ornaments are awesome...i found some at a sale and i am going to make things out of them....

so glad your house if off the market for the holidays...i went through the holidays one time...miserable.

wish i could have coffee with ya this to you soon.

meg duerksen said...

all these photos are so colorful....making me happy. i love your fabric! whatever you do will look awesome!
i want some too.