Friday, November 7, 2008

The List

It is that time of year
The Christmas List is forming
Each and every time Chloe says "ooooh..Mommy...I like that"
I make a mental note...and written note....and note on the virtual post-it note pad on my desktop....a voice note on my phone
You get the idea...I make sure I get it down
Why ??
Well...Chloe is not the easiest child to shop for
She has never liked just your run of the mill's difficult to run in Target and find gifts Chloe will truly enjoy....for longer than 10 minutes
I have to really dig around in the world of toys
Look high and low for great toys for her curious....inquisitive.....little full of wonderment self

Let's look at some of this years contenders....Martian Matter Alien Maker
What is more fun than creating....and double that fun when the creating involves some lunar lava solution.
Sound like a fun and silly game.....laughter is after all the best medicine for anything that ails you.

We see this commercial while watching Tom and Jerry....once again...looks really fun.
A new twist on guessing it bigger than a bread basket ??

My Giant Busy Box
Now this gift is something I could probably duplicate very easily....but let's say I run outta time this looks so fun....Chloe and I enjoy crafting side by side....its a great way to spend time together.

I myself and not too excited about marble race.
However ever since day one of school this year Chloe has spoke of the marble game.
I thought nice and reminiscent they are drawing circles in the dirt and thumping marbles....Ahem...not quite.
They are building elaborate mazes for marbles to race down.....Chloe wants this really bad.

Safari Monkey
While this a tad bit pricey for what it does....I think it would be fun.
Hide the monkey...and the wand along with lights helps your child find're hot hot hot...oh now you're cold cold cold.
I am thinking if I secretly remove the batteries....perhaps I could get ...Oh....10 minutes to myself....dreamy.

Wiggle Writer
Wooo Hooo .... tell me this does not look fun.
I may pick up 2 of these.....don't you think the preschool would be so excited to get my tuition check in wiggly squiggly writing.

My Sewing Box
Since Chloe is asking for her fist sewing machine.....she will surely need a sewing box.
This one should do nicely....lots of kid friendly sewing notions inside.
I Hope perhaps you got a few ideas from this tour of Chloe's (so far) Christmas list.
If you have any out of this world ideas for kids around 4.....drop me a note.
Don't forget the Starr Strung Jewels Giveaway......scroll down...just a bit.
have a happy day
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Just me.....Shelly said...

oh, i love that lil sewing perfect! i wanna be chloe this christmas!!

Amy Bell said...

that marble thing is a HIT at my house...the boys love it...i have even found extra pieces at garage it.

ArtGirlBlue said...

My daughter (who will be 4 in January) LOVES the marble thing. She is also really into Playmobile now. If you haven't seen the circus yet, it is great! Although my little one wanted the hospital. There is another cool set of toys called Kitchen Littles. Adorable mini kitchen stuff. Sounds dumb, but is very cool. There are also these things called Automoblocks. They are interchangable cars. Very neat! I could go on and on...

Hope that gives you some good ideas :)

Anonymous said...

That sewing box is so cute! I love wooden toys like that for kiddos!