Friday, November 21, 2008

Eye Candy

We were strolling on a boardwalk at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach SC.....

you know this caught my eye
It an is a blurb about it's history from wikipedia:

The Baden Band Organ was built at Waldkirch Baden, Germany by A. Ruth & Sohn, who hand-carved its ornate figurines and decorations from wood. The organ was first exhibited at the World Exposition in Paris in 1900. After the exposition, it was moved from town to town in Europe on a wagon pulled by a team of six horses. The organ in 20-feet long, 11-feet high, seven feet deep and weighs approximately two tons. It has 400 different pipes, 98 keys and still operates with old-style cardboard music, most of which was composed more than 50 years ago. The organ remains in excellent condition, complete with twirling ladies and cherubs that play cymbals, bells and drums.

Below are some photos of this visual treat....and a video from youtube so you can hear it.

Enjoy !!

Don't the colors make you just wanna go make something...I'm off to the craft room.

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have a happy day
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Just me.....Shelly said...'s so pretty, doesn't even look real!!

The Cog said...

this piece of lovely made my day..what a wonderful beautiful odd thing to behold...wish it was in my living room...and that I knew how to play...

Jamie said...

That is very pretty & yes it does make me want to go create something...and I have just the thing in mind. A felt stocking my girls have been wanting to fun!

Thanks for sharing! :-)