Sunday, June 21, 2009

Score !!!

Sweet !!!!!
Yes !!!!!
Score !!!!!

Fashion Plates
Do you remember this?
I LOVED this toy.
Arrange the plates....put your little crayon in the holder.....rub....voila !!
A fashion grab your pencils and color.

After watching several pass me by on ebay....for 60 dollars and upward....I finally snagged one for Chloe....and well let's be honest...for me too.

This can not arrive fast enough.

Don't you just love things from yesterday ??

have a happy day

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Trish said...

Okay, I am totally jealous!! I loved this when I was a kid. Have fun :)

Jessica said...

Ha...I remember those!

Ann said...

OMG, totally forgot about this, but I had one and LOVED it!

Anonymous said...

Oh I totally remember these! Have a great time!

Amy Bell said...

fashion plates!!! i can still smell the black chalk like stuff that you rub it with to make the dolls...oh, i am JEALOUS!!!

Jamie said...

Had that same one and loved it! I found a newer version a couple of years back for my niece. But now you've gotten me to thinking my 5 year old is about ready for her own! Gonna have to keep my eyes open!

Kelly O. said...

I still have this!...somewhere...I should go find it!

Cole's Corner said...

Yes, I loved my set like that. I swore I was going to be a fashion designer when I was little... and a movie star and an astronaut.

Jaime said...

I too, loved that toy. Thanks for the reminder of simpler times. :-)

BlackCatMima / Tobelina said...

I so remember those Fashion Plates! Hee, at first i thought that it was one of your thrift store finds and i was going to say - hey those sell for a lot on eBay! Derr!

Vanessa said...

I loved those!!

polka dot skies said...

This was one of my very favorite toys when I was little-It must still be at my parents in the attic!

movieloverstl said...

Thanks for reminding me to dig this out for our 5-year old granddaughter. My daughter LOVED this, too!

(and this is my first time on your blog, Jane -- but I love it!)

Such lovely photos of the wedding!