Friday, June 5, 2009


At Chloe's end of the school year...end of preschool production
We (the parents) were given these booklets
Chloe's self portrait in September 2008
and again in May 2009
blows my mind
I am so glad they did really breaks it all much she learned and grew and changed.....
and it really breaks me down too.....where are the years goin'?
have a happy day
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Just me.....Shelly said... so sweet! I love the little red shoes she put on herself. Ugh, so bittersweet!

Margaret said...

Wow that is amazing how big of a change there is there. That would be a neat idea for any kid to do.

Olga said...

Such sweet drawings - keep them, they'll be priceless in some 15-20 years! Beautiful blog! Would be happy to guest you on mine as well ;)

BlackCatMima / Tobelina said...

It's amazing how much they learn and grow during those preschool years, isn't it?
I love how she mixed the brown and yellow crayon to make blonde hair. I used to do the same thing when I was little!