Thursday, June 18, 2009

Imagination Goes Wild

It was several months ago
Chloe was already in the bed
I was creating something
In the other room the TV was on
The American Country Music Awards were on
I don't love country music.....don't hate it either....I am just more of a talk radio kind of person
Geek...I know
I heard a made me made me listen
strange made me wanna go get Chloe up so we could dance
the song was Johnny and Heidi Newfield
I had never heard it.....heck...I had never heard of her
but the song
Oh...I loved it from the first note
Chloe loved it
From that moment on...she was Heidi Newfield
Performing....singing....swaying.....loving that song....and gradually country music as a whole
I think I have said before
Chloe stays with my mom while we work
I feel so blessed and lucky to have this arrangement
below is just another reason why
Shortly after the love affair with county music began
I arrived at mom's one day to pick Chloe up and saw this
A fun....creative....imaginative mix of
fisher price little people
aluminum foil
and various other goodies
that is Heidi Newfield
and those are her fans
and that is her stage and speakers and microphone
so fun
I love this for so many reasons
Mom said the WHOLE thing was Chloe's idea
even down to the flames Heidi is standing in the center of...if you saw the show you remember her standing in a ring of fire. Aren't kids the BEST !!
Mmmm...that's the good stuff.
oh....almost forgot to tell you.....I have opened a vintage shop on etsy.....JaneSays has a baby sister....her name is JaneSays sure to get check her out.
have a happy day
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Just me.....Shelly said...

that is DANG cute! Oh, sweet chloe...what an imagination, I love it!

Karin Schueller said...

So awesome. I love a child's imaginiation. :)

Margaret said...

That is so cute. My son is about Chloe's age, and he amazes me everyday.

It is great that you mom keeps her. My dad keeps my kids when I am in school. It is so much better than daycare, which I don't know if I could drop mine off at.

Michelle said...

Don't know if you know or not, but your "My Monogram Pillow" is featured on Etsy's handpicked items--right there on the first page!