Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cora's Playground

Some days ago I learned a little girl named Cora Paige...Sweet little Cora.

You can go here and here to learn more about Cora.

A playground is being built to honor the life of Cora Paige.

What can you do?
First you can pray for all who know and miss Cora and you can pray about what God would have you do .........You can make a donation there are buttons on the pages linked above....You can click the button in the top right of my blog which will send you to an etsy search page where oodles of wonderful etsy shop owners are selling goodies from which some or all of the proceeds will go towards building Cora's Playground.

do what you can....this is such a sweet way to honor an amazing little life.

have a happy day
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