Monday, February 9, 2009

and a BIG Thank You to our neighbors.....

Chloe has been asking for some time now for a dog
A Chihuahua (Wa-Wa) to be exact Saturday....Garren comes inside and lures us into the great outdoors
to the neighbors house
with the promise of a cute little something
Yea...its cute alright....and silly....and clumsy
and it smells so puppy good
and he LOVED him some Chloeand Chloe loved her some puppy
We have been struggling with getting' Chloe a dog
we just don't wanna break Lei Lei's heart...cause you know
Lei Lei is my girl.
Have you brought a puppy into your home with a well established dog?
How did that go?
because watching all that go made us weak.....cant' help it.
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have a happy day
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Gini said...

We did, and you can somehow always make it work I think. We ended up re-homing the new ones, though, for the simple fact that they are young and needed a more stay home committed family so they could run and play as they should. We have gotten terribly busy. Our girl is ok with all of it. She's older and is actually a great alone dog. Anyway - side note - Garren? Is that your neighbors name. Our 3 year old is Garrin. Haven't heard it too often!! How funny!

Sophie's Mommie said...

we had 2 well established cats move in together when me and my now husband moved in together. It was really hard they both wanted to be the cat of the house. Not sure on dogs I guess every pet is diffrent. They have unique personalities just like peope.

Kelly O. said...

Our experience has been that the older dog just became mother to the puppy. It did have it's ups and downs but all in all they loved eachother.
good luck!

paperyjane said...

we had a 10 yr old pit mix- and brought in a little boxer pup.... we just made sure that the older dog still had "her space" and the new pup and her toys and own "special" blanket. there was only one snap issue ever... and we are offically 4 years later.... and 2 MORE dogs later. so best of luck!! just remember to spend one on one time with each and it can be a happy home! :D

i love plum said...

So funny...I just had this conversation with my 8 year old. She wants a puppy BIG time and she wants him to live in her room only...ha! We have a 9 year old English Mastiff who isn't all that fond of other four legged friends. I explained to her it may make 'Molly' sad to see the new pup getting so much new love. Molly needs us right now as she isn't feeling 100%. There will be time for new puppies when Molly is a dog fairy :) xo

Anonymous said...

Love the last picture of the 'Wa Wa' chewing on her hair!
My hair use to look just like hers when I was her age!