Sunday, February 22, 2009

Can't We All Just Get Along

Last night was proving to be a productive and nice night
Watching my tivo'd episode of Greys' Anatomy
Hubby on the laptop nearby...the occasional chatter
finishing up a set of lovely towels for a new customer and starting a new batch
Cozy Cottage
Yummy Cupcake

and turned on me
I heard the loudest...most awful...clunking banging sound
I felt pain..I said a bad word....hubby jumped up...grabbed shoes...jacket..."we're goin' to the ER"
I looked !!
I actually sewed my index finger on my left hand to a towel a calm panic ( yea that's what it was) I knew I needed to turn the knob to raise the needle out of my finger
There....did that...but where is the needle....oh ...nice...
in my finger...and broke in 2
I had 1 entry wound on the top....and 2 exit wounds on the underside...2 pieces of needle were sticking out of the fingerprint part of my finger....still trying to figure out the mechanics of how it worked out that way....I dunno??
"Garren"...I said to my husband..."you have to pull this out"...I am thinkin....I am not goin' to the ER for this..
I grabbed a pair of jewelry making pliers and some tweezers....
and Garren ( with me freaking out all the way) did get both pieces out...yowza !!!!!!
ok....good....we had it all under control...until he called his mom to tell her of our eventful evening....and out of her mouth came..."has she had a tetanus shot??"
my in-laws came up to stay with our sleeping little one...and off to the ER we go
So....I was expecting to see all sorts of drama....I have never been to the ER
nothin'....there was nothin' goin' on ....and it still took 2 hours
They X-rayed my finger...still a tiny piece of metal inside...Doc said it would be more trouble for me for them to remove it than to just leave we left it
I got my tetanus shot....and infection instructions....and home we went.
Slept horribly.....sore as heck today....shot location hurts way more than the needle wounds....I heard that was a painful shot.....and boy....that might be an understatement.
I have since made up with my sewing machine...finished the towel I was workin' on ...... keeping that one for a reminder not to get too cocky with the ole sewing attention...not watch any show with Patrick Dempsey on it while sewing.....and to be thankful for my calm and quick acting hubby.....who babied me all night....Love ya sweetie.
have a happy day
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Crystal said...

good grief girl! i am glad you, finger and machine are all ok. :)

Cheryl said...

Oooo my hand towels turned out sooo flippen C-a-Uuttteee!! Your awesome!! And Oh my gosh, I'm glad this didn't happen while working on my towels cause I would have felt so darn guilty...if it did and your not telling...thanks lol. I'm so sorry you got wounded. I wanted to pass out just reading about it!! Yikes! I had to get a tetnus a couple of years ago for stepping on a tack that went through my flip flop and YES those shots hurt like nothing other! Hope you heel soon!

Karen~ said...

My goodness April, you had an eventful evening! I'm glad everything is fine except for some soreness...easy for me to say huh?! Sounds like your husband was taking good care of you!

Kelly O. said...

Oh WOW!! I'm so sorry!! That tetenus shot is a bummer. Won't that metal they left in your finger cause any problems?
Hope you heal quickly!

Debbie and April said...

Oh my! Ouch!!!

P.S. the towels are soooo cute:)

Trish said...

dang... i actually jumped in my chair when i read that you sewed your finger to the towel!! then i had to read it again to make sure i read it right!

you poor thing :(

~ Charlene S Noto said...

Wow. I think I'm changing my mind about moving my machine to a little table in the livingroom where we watch television. Sheesh! I'm glad you're all right! Oh, and kudos on keeping the towel. You gave more than blood for that one!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I almost did that because I didn't have the presser foot down, getting calky thinking I had better control that way.
Glad you are okay!

i love plum said...

ouch! hope you're feeling better today...good golly that's some story! xo

Sara said...

Ohmygosh! Here's hoping you feel better today! =] The towels are just super cute!!!!!

Just me.....Shelly said...

hahahaa! OK, I am NOT laughing AT you, I am laughing WITH you....Mmmk? You have to admit, that it's a verrry bad and painful thing that happened...but, kinda funny....all your labor and love of sewing....and a perfectly good towel..ruined. Next time, keep ya eyes on the needle and not Mc. Dreamy! HEheheheee!! You know I am sending get weel hugs in the mean's to a speedy recovery! xoxo

Jaime said...

...and how are you typing today? You poor thing. I am impressed you actually sewed again already. I would need some forgiving time, I think. Your towels are darling! :-)

Christina said...

A friend had to share this post with me, I just did this to myself a few weeks ago. Luckily, I just was able to pull the broken piece out, no ER visit required.

Gini said...

Hope you are doing better today!!!

Heidi said...

Just when you think your outta the woods you had to go to the ER anyway! Hope you heal quickly. Thanks for the story and the reminder to be careful with the machines.

Amy Bell said...

oh my word!!!! oh dear. so glad you are ok....i guess your career as a hand model is over...but, those towels are amazing!!! oh friend. so sorry!!!!

A Little Of A Lot said...

YOWZERS !!! hope it gets to feeling better soon
I did that many years ago but sewed the side of my thumb to something, i screamed w/ the shock and yanked it away, breaking the needle off, my mom who was an experienced Wedding dress designer and seamstress, looked at me calmly and said "Now you're a real seamstress."
So congrats, if you ever doubted it before, you are now a bonafide seamstress/ sewer ;-)

Holly said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!! What a story. Glad you're okay. How wonderful that your honey was home and able to take care of you. Take good care of yourself! xoxoxo

JaeJay said...

WOW! and OW! I feel you pain, I did this very same thing while sewing up a flower girl dress a few months ago! I hope it healed up ok.

AND! Super cute towels!