Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Wednesday Fun and Freaky-ness

I think this is just the cutest idea....
have you seen the personalized fruit roll-ups ?
Go here and check out all the things you can put on fruit roll-ups.
What a cute gift this would be for your kids class on valentine's day....or party favors...oh boy !!

If your team (If you have a team) is out of the running....sorry ....mine is not.
GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For the Super Bowl Party (yes I am predicting) I need these customized m&m candies...with MY team fun !! two things are bugging these are real serious....any help you have is appreciated.

First...what the heck good is this ion setting on your hair dryer....what is it "supposed" to be doing....and does it do it...mine just accidentally gets fiddled with off and on...high and low....can not ever really tell a difference in my if you can solve the mystery of this feature....please do.

Second...this one...the hubs and I kindly quarrel about in the car. I set my heat vents where I want them to blow on me in the car....well when the car makes a turn...the flow of air hits me in a different turning the car changes the direction of the air coming thru the vent...why do I notice this...well, I do not like the air blowing in my face...too hot...can't breathe...and sometimes when the car turns...its in my face...Ugh...takes my breath away....and I know it was not blowing in my face before...and sure enough as soon as the car straightens up....the air flow goes back where it was pre-turn....does anyone else know what I am talking about ??

now that you think I am a complete freak....

have a happy day

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Heidi said...

My mom is always yelling at my Dad not to have hot air blowing in her face. I remember her doing this for the last 30+ years. You are not alone as I can't stand to have hot air blow in my face (probably as a result of listening to my mom complain about it.) It is not a problem for my hubbie and I. We always put the heat on the floor as heat rises right? What drives me nuts is his speeding! What is his hurry? I didn't mind it so much before we had 3 little boys in the car. Can't help you with the ion setting as I also have no idea what good it is. Hope you get a chance to use the M&Ms.

Holly said...

Happy day to you, too, honest and inquisitive April. =-) xoxoxo