Monday, January 12, 2009

Let It All Hang Out

Just like need to let it all out
This day....something inside Chloe wanted to toss fabric squares in the air...
I could just tell
So I unleashed the beast
"Go ahead...throw them everywhere".....I said

Sometimes its hard for people like me (neat-freak)
to let our kids make a mess
It took me 5 minutes to pick up and stack all the fabric....
well worth the enjoyment Chloe had tossing each and every scrap into the air.
Let you hair down......feels good.
have a happy day
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Julie said...

I see some really cute scraps in there! What a fun game. Might have to let my girls attack my scrap basket.

Sweetina said...

Great idea and wonderful wisdom!
Sometimes we just have to let our hair down!
Adorable post...and daughter!

hellosweetworld said...

There are some cute patterns in there!
I purchased the forest critters paper pack from your Etsy yesterday and thought i'd check out your blog. I also linked your shop in my post today :o) I'll be back again.

Diana Evans said...

what fun!!! looks like a wonderful time....

Cheryl said...

Yes, sometimes we (meaning "I")can get caught up with everyday drib drab and forget kids just need to be kids and little to clean up is well worth it to see them in all their glory! What a lovely post!

Holly said...

Fabulous! I'll make a point to do something like that with/for the kiddos this week.

LOVE that dress. Just bought one for each of my girlies right before Christmas. Aren't the colors and stripes yummy!?