Thursday, January 8, 2009

Its Thursday....

and I have an answer
a fun get your kids and sing a long song
a yummy product
and some really really good news Ashley....yes I did find a pink bird
in fact I found 2
I got these from this little shop on etsy
Thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions...I had so much fun going thru all the links you sent me...and the little pink owl is in my favorites as we speak...she may be my next purchase.

Do you love for your man to smell good ?
That's a dumb question huh?
I present to you.......Vaselines new line of skincare for men....the lotion smells so good...and is so light
Hubs has not worn cologne since I got him this lotion....he loves it....I love it.

What kind of Cat are you?
have you heard this Billy Jonas
Chloe and I love to sing it....its part game part song.
go here and click the tiny play button under the song title
now get your kids and have fun
And the good news.....Oh ..... its still a secret....I can't tell a one of you
you will all know soon enough.....but to you whom the good news is about
CONGRATULATIONS......I am over the moon about the news !!!!!

have a happy day
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Just me.....Shelly said...

oh those birdies are CUTE and a CUTE shop, thanks for many cut things, really!

I like my man to smell good, but my man does NOT do lotion. Sigh.

Gordostyle said...

Super cute stuff on your fireplace! The birds will look great!

I've gotta buy some of that lotion! I just know my hubby will love it too!


Ashley said...

Good! I was hoping that all my links weren't too annoying!
I wanted to help.
That owl is amazing.
Hope that rug makes it through... doesn't look like it, I'll be thinking good thoughts!