Friday, September 14, 2012

Saturday Mornings Are For **Glittering**

Pretty much once every month and a half Chloe comes to me
and asks if I have anything she can **Glitter**

Can you blame her ?
**Glittering** is fun.

I searched the studio for something....anything she could **Glitter**
because that is what she meant....anything.
Just give me something to **Glitter** Mom.

We decided this large A would be perfect.

I helped her keep the glue lines straight.
She chose the **Glitter** colors.
Even though I wanted to "help" her with the color combos I let her creative juices flow.

I truly had to toss aside my OCD as she wasted a lot of **Glitter**
"Try to keep it on the project Chloe....please"
I hid my eyes a lot.

20 minutes later she was done.

I adore the **Glittery** A

I sealed it with a clear coat and put it right over my desk to help me remember
what letter my name starts with and of course
of all the **Gliterry** times Chloe and I have had in the studio.

If history repeats itself, and we know it will, there will be many more.
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V said...

Plan ahead. Get the rest of your "letters" so you can have a gliterry name.

Mariamarta Lee said...

Priceless moments. Chloe is a very lucky girl to have a mom like you.