Saturday, April 14, 2012

Instagram Weekly

Cue the sad song
Vacation is over.
Here is Instagram Weekly (mostly vacation version)
In a new larger format just for you Amy.

We took a short ferry ride to Fort Fisher
to visit the aquarium.
I saw 2 seagulls sitting on the side of the boat.
While I was getting my phone so I could make them famous
(put them on my blog)
3 more joined them.

Something about a wide open beach
screams cartwheels and flips.
You  know it does.

Cold Beer.
Don't like it hot or cold.
Don't drink it.
It was more the shade of green on the woodwork that caught my eye.

True vintage and vintage inspired
signs make me smile.

We all had a hole in one, or did we ?

I have a "thing" for notebooks.
My daughter has inherited the same "thing".

Carnival rides get me just like vintage signs get me.

Softball season is in full swing.
I will not brag.
But if you want to know how good she is, just ask me.

While we were away my roses showed up.

Apparently lots and lots of toothless sharks
running around The Atlantic this week.

The one and only
Beauty and the Beach.

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