Monday, April 2, 2012

Baking Eggs --- A Pinterest Do

When I saw this on Pinterest I knew
it was a disaster and a mess
waiting to happen.

Well when curious minds want to know......
I tried it.

Set your oven to 325.
Carefully place your eggs between the bars of your rack.
I put a pan under mine....if you trust this method .....meh....don't worry with that.
Bake the eggs for 30 minutes.

One of mine cracked but at that time the egg was cooked so no mess.

Have a  bowl of ice water prepared.
Carefully and with tongs move your eggs from oven to bowl of ice water.

The brown spots on the eggs are where condensation forms from the eggs being
cold and those drops turned brown.
The minute your eggs hit the water that magically disappear.

Let your eggs sit for 10 minutes.

Shell them under cold water.

The eggs were creamier.
Did they shell easier ? No
Did I save time? No
Did they look the same as boiled eggs ?  yes and no....there were brown spots on some of the whites, not a
clue where these came from I assume from the heat somehow.  I did not see any of the gray rings you sometimes
see around the yolk.

All in all baking eggs is a Pinterest Do....I did like the creaminess of the eggs.
I did I did !!!!

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