Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When Small Was Small

Drink sizes, who decided to change these ??
Do you remember the day...when you ordered a small drink it was...well small.....and the medium was well...medium-ish and the large was large but reasonably large.

What is goin on today ?
The sizes are messed up. If they even have what most of us grew up knowing as small it's a value or senior drink these days. Arby's and BoJangles I am talking to you !!! 

The 99 cent drink, this baffles me too....at some places it's gargantuan, at some places it's medium-ish.  OK let's do it this way....since most Americans are penny pinching...how about you always by default give me the 99 cent drink ?  Just today at Wendy's....I pulled up to the speaker and experienced a drink size fog over my brain which happens every time I pull up to any fast food speake lately because I do not have the brain capacity to keep up with all sizes, ounces, and prices of drinks anymore.
Anyway...I order a large, thought I remembered Wendy's having a large 99 cent drink...WRONG he said "2.02 at the window mam"  but really I do not want to pay more than 99 cent for a tea flavored cup of water...they should all realistically be 99 cent. 
So upon arriving at the window I explained that I really wanted  was the dollar tea....come to find out that is  a medium not a large...so I would pay a WHOLE dollar more for what amounts to mere ounces of tea. My lucky day he had already made the large and charged me the medium 99 cent and told me to talk the large and have a good day !!!

Ohhhhh...I know it's small and meaningless and if that is all I have to worry about (it is not) then I have it made....I just think it should have been left alone....it confuses me.

Once I tried asking how many ounces is your large ?  To make sure I got the amount of drink I wanted....well they little speaker voices have no clue how many ounces their drinks are....of course.

And...note  to Chic-Fil-A you can JUMP on this 99 cent tea bandwagon anytime....come on now.

that feels better...do you share my frustration ???

see ya'll

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Ali Richardson said...

Ha ha! YES!!!!
AND - at McD's, the small is teeny tiny, and the medium is a regular size. Only a kid could be satified with the small. AND, at the mini mart at the gas station, the $.99 drink is kinda too small, but the next size up for $1.29 is HUGE. Seriously people!! Ha ha, it's crazyness!

Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

Don't ever get a large at Wendy's.. You will be drinking for DAYS!!