Thursday, October 13, 2011


Chloe's besties are a set of twins and their little brother.
We spend a lot of time together....we love them very much.

 Last Sunday a corn maze was on the agenda.
I LOVE a corn maze...and they are even more fun with friends.

This is the position we see Chloe in 90% of the time lately.
It's supposed to be a donkey kick...she is in a gymnastics/fitness/tumbling class.
This must be her FAVORITE move...we literally see if 10 times a day.
It makes me want to do some donkey kicking myself...if you catch my drift.

I wanted to ride the cow train really bad but I didn't get to. My meanie hubs would not buy me a ticket.

So you don't have to go all 911 we are lost in a corn maze, you carry a little flag so they can always find you.  Don't know how someone got lost in a corn maze....but I guess anything can happen now can't it ?

"Don't run too far ahead in the corn'll get lost."
Famous last words....these two here....yep....LOST.
Mr. JaneSays had to go find them Chloe told me later they thought he was going to kill them.
Little fear never hurt anybody.

We had a lovely afternoon in the corn maze with our friends.
This may become an annual event.
Corn mazes and Besties....rock !!

see ya'll

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