Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No Gnews is Good Gnews

Do you remember The Great Space Coaster ?

if you remember Gary Gnu ?

I love to sit down with Chloe and take her on a trip, sharing with her of all of the shows I loved as a kid...

thanks to YouTube....that is pretty simple

This clip is one of her know how children laugh uncontrollably ..... as if they can't begin to stop....that is the reaction elicited by this.....which makes me play it over and over.....Chloe's laugh is the sweetest music.


have a happy day

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1 comment:

Dawn said...

Thanks for that trip down memory lane! I loved that show when I was younger. I just showed that clip to my daughter, and then the clip that opened the show with the song 'Great Space Coaster.' She loved both of them!

Have a great day!