Friday, October 17, 2008

Let the Boo-ing Begin

The first Halloween in our new neighborhood we noticed these little white...identical...ghosts on a few doors....the next day they were on a few more..

The next day one was on ours.....with a bag full of other sundries.

We had been Booed !!

If you live in a neighborhood and if you have kids.....this is soooo much fun.

Here is a link explaining how to can tweak this...add to and take from it...make the game your own.

Make up a few treat bags to get the game started.....round up the kiddos....go out late after it dark...put the ghost, instructions and treat on someone's porch and run....we don't ring the doorbell but you can if you like.

Have a little safe and not so scary Halloween fun.

~~ Don't forget to come back Monday~~

have a happy day
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Sara said...

Oh I love that idea!!!! Now that we have a few new neighbors with kids that just moved in, I will have to give that a go! =]

Julie said...

Fun BOo'ed download here:
Have a spooky day.

Dawn said...

I did something like this in my neighborhood a couple of years ago. I saw the idea in Paper Crafts magazine. It was a lot of fun, my kids loved it when our doorbell rang and a surprise was left on our front porch! :)


Holly said...

So much fun!!!! Thanks for the scoop. xoxoxo

melissa. said...

i dont have any babies yet, but my best girlfriends and i still 'boo' one another. it's always such a treat and surprise! we put the cutest little things in one anothers treat bags. plus - we all live in the same neighborhood, so it really is very similar to the traditional style! :)

Theresa said...

We were out booing on Friday. My 4yr old loved it.